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“Law Firm AKP Consulting” was established in 2000. The main goal of the partners was to create and develop multiline Law firm, which would satisfy the requirements of international standards of quality and efficiency of the advisory services. Guided by this idea the partners firstly formed their own strong material, technical and information background and advisory intracorporate basis, as far as before you advise and help you should clearly know everything by yourself. Such policy justifies itself and provides a servicing of ordinary and arduous needs of the Clients. It also helps for understanding and outlining of the Client’s problems and after that for finding the proper decision.

All-round consulting is the calling card of our Firm. This policy helps us to obtain further insight into the different (legal, financial, economic, management, organizational etc.) aspects of any issue. In 2002 the scope of activity of our Firm extended to labor law, antimonopoly law, to legal regulation of registration and utilization of the trade marks, patents, property law issues, to the business structuring and processing advisory services for various business activity, such as insurance, production, foreign trade transactions etc. Since 2004 our Firm is at all-round legal maintenance of acquisition, amalgamation, absorption or reorganization of a business in the insurance market, legal maintenance of the property bargains and all-round legal maintenance of the intermediary operations.

Detailed examination of each project, realized by our Specialists, leads to developing of the advisory services in the particularized branch of economy, alongside with multiline consultation. For example, in Insurance and Banking, Construction, Trade and Shipping, etc. Partners and Experts of our Firm had developed interesting methods and solutions to new fundamental problems which the operators of the market confront with. And this is the basis of the Firms philosophy: “From the idea/concept to the solution”.

The Firm now offers to its Clients a broad spectrum of the legal and advisory services, accomplish legal maintenance of international investment projects. Our Service lines include:


Multiline Legal Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services and Due Diligence

Transactions Structuring and Advisory Services

Strategic planning, Management and Business Processing Advisory Services

Legal Advisory and Support by get off to a start on the local market

Litigation and Arbitration Services

Insurance Information Support and Methodology Advisory Services


The Partners of the Firm participate in working out and perfection of the insurance legislation in State Duma, All-Russian Insurance Association, etc.

According to data of Rating Agency “Expert Ra” “Law Firm AKP Consulting” is in the TOP-100 Consulting Companies of Russia and we very often take the leading place in the “Advisory maintenance of Insurance business” class of specialisation.

Our Firm is a mid-sized entity and is therefore able to be quite responsive to our Clients' needs.

We wish our Clients every success, well-being and business certainty and we are doing our best professionally to help them to achieve all these accordingly.



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